Art & Flo

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Helping you tell your story

The Original Art & Flo

Every picture tells a story and every picture here, is of the original Art & Flo (and a few friends!), founder Vicky’s grandparents and inspiration. Friends. Lovers. Entertainers. Dreamers. Creators.

Arthur, an actor, performer and comedian who met Florence, a fun-loving, fashion-loving girl and fell in love. People with their own story, like each of us.

Just a few words can bring them to life, start to tell their story. Give them identity and a voice.

Their names inspire us too. They're what we're about.

Art: Aptitude, Artistry, Craft, Dexterity, Expertise, Imagination, Inventiveness, Knowledge, Know-how & Method.

And Flo(w): Continuity, Current, Movement, Progress, Streams.

A flow of words and ideas.

Helping you tell your story.

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