Art & Flo

Creative Communication

Helping you tell your story

What We Do

Art and Flo loves creative communication. From consulting to social media to copy creation, we can help you find your perfect audience and tell your story innovatively and effectively.

Getting started

From start to finish, we can work with you to turn an idea for a company, project or event into a clear strategy or brief. We can help you develop ideas, understand your place in the world, identify opportunities and improvements, and show you how to make them happen.

Looking good

Communication is visual too. We can help you with branding, website creation and development and creating a strong visual identity for your work.

Finding your voice

We make words work for you. From helping you understand what you want to say, who your audience is and how to talk to them. We can review your current voice and communications, create effective copy and make sure your tone of voice represents you well across all your communication.

Engaging your community

Whether it’s sourcing excellent writers, commissioning or crafting cutting edge articles, or editing works in progress, we ensure you’re telling the stories your community wants to hear.

Telling the world

We’ll get you noticed. Through social media, PR, events and campaigns from initial concept to the perfect hashtag, we make sure your message communicates all you want it to say. We can help with media positioning, so you're reaching the right people, and media training, so you can share your message with confidence. 

If it helps you tell your story better, we want to be part of it. Get in touch today to talk about what we can do.

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